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NCR Triplicate Books

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Each Triplicate book contains 50 Sets and has perforated pages as standard. Sheets from top to bottom are White, Yellow, Pink.

  • 2 Books = 100 Sets
  • 5 Books = 250 Sets
  • 10 Books = 500 Sets


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Belfast Print Online supply NCR Triplicate Books for receipts, invoices, order forms, stock control etc. with 3 sheets per set. These come in either A5 (148 x 210mm) or A4 (210 x 297mm). They will include a cardboard insert which is attached to the cover. You can choose if you want the spine either on the top or the left hand side, whether you want your books numbered in one position in sequence and if you need holes drilled where the spine is located.

SORTS – this is the number of types of item you require that are similar, where say maybe a couple of bits of information are different. For example – John, James, Jim would equal 3 sorts of business cards. Therefore please select 3 Sorts and upload 3 individual artwork files.


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