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Coronavirus Floor Stickers

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Coronavirus (Covid 19) Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Approved by ASTM C 1028-2007 “Friction Test” for Slip Resistance

Encouraging social distancing to customers and staff is now essential for us to combat this deadly Coronavirus! Our COVID 19 Safety Floor Stickers are printed using a special non-slip coating, which is approved by ASTM C 1028-2007 “Friction Test” for slip resistance which some health and safety regulations will require for your business. Make sure your Safety Message is heard – loud and clear in your premises during times when it is of the utmost importance for people to take heed of global health advice!

Choose between 2 Coloured Designs :

YELLOW – 2m Social Distancing
RED – Stop Here – Keep 2m Apart

– Circular Stickers – 300mm diameter
– Square Stickers – 500 x 500mm
– Circular Stickers with Feet – 300mm diameter
– Circular Stickers with Arrow – 300mm diameter

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